We provide residential and dementia care for people on a long-term or short-term basis. Our experienced team are here to provide help and advice, supporting you to make a decision about the most appropriate type of care that best suits your loved one’s needs. We are also able to offer short term respite care.

It is 24 hours of the day, 365 days a year. Our highly qualified team of seniors and carers work around the clock to ensure there is someone available to meet the needs of our residents at all times.

As a residential, rather than a nursing home, we work closely with a wealth of community and clinical professionals to ensure our residents’ care needs are met. These include district nurses, GPs, opticians, and chiropodists. There will be times when our residents need to see a doctor or perhaps a dentist. We make sure everyone has access to this locally and ensure they are up to date with routine check-ups. Our team is trained to administer medication.

Of course, but it is far more than that. Creating an elegant, homely and practical environment is a vital part of ensuring we’re able to provide exceptional care. Our home is designed to be vibrant, safe and stimulating, promote independence and provide exceptional care with a deep sense of compassion.

Our home is kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment, from pressure relieving mattresses for a more restful sleep to sophisticated nurse call systems and sensory lighting, which help residents find their way at night.

We have an open-door policy and you can visit as much as you like. In partnership with you and your loved one, we draw up a personal care plan for them to ensure that all their needs are met. You will soon get a feel for how happy they are here. You are always welcome to meet with the home manager or a senior member of the team to chat about anything you might be worried about, as often as you like.

As a care service provider, we are subject to random inspections from the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of health and social care in England. We have a regional business manager who is also responsible for monitoring quality standards in our home, with monthly visits and reports completed and submitted to senior management. Any comments or concerns raised are always dealt with promptly, and recorded as part of an ongoing internal audit process.

We totally understand this and promote independence as much as possible. We believe this is vital and at the same time ensure we meet the needs of our residents, such as administering medication or assisting with washing or dressing, in a dignified manner.

Our ratio of carers/nurses to each resident is above the government guidelines, as we believe it is important to give each resident the time and care that they need at all times.

There are no visiting times – you can visit whenever you like, as often as you want as we encourage family and friends to become fully integrated into life in our home.

Yes. These are placed is easy-to-reach locations within bedrooms and around the home so residents can easily let us know if they need help.

We will take as much time as your loved one needs to help settle them into their new home. Our team is highly experienced and passionate about integrating each resident into life at their new home. We encourage you to bring along your relatives’ most cherished possessions and mementoes to help create their own personal haven.

Our top priority is to ensure everyone feels happy, healthy and at home in our care. Each resident is assigned a key worker and a comprehensive care plan is created, detailing everything from care and dietary requirements to background history and likes, dislikes and hobbies as well as how they like to spend their time.

In short, however they wish. We encourage residents to continue the hobbies and interests they are passionate about and will support this in any way we can, whilst creating opportunities for them to also try new things.

We believe providing ‘meaningful occupation’ is essential in helping residents to really enjoy themselves and make the most of their time with us. Our varied and interesting programme of activities and outings are incredibly popular and give residents the chance to get to know each other. There are many spaces designed specifically for socialising and simple things like mealtimes provide plenty of opportunity to have a chat.

Your loved one will get to know everyone very quickly, team members and residents alike, and soon make friends for life.

Yes, as we believe it is really important, they are supported to remain active members of their local community. In addition to our frequent outings, we have a wide range of entertainers who visit The Spinney, from The Albert Hall Orchestra to good old fashioned sing alongs with popular impersonators. We enjoy weekly keep fit and yoga classes, as well as monthly Church Services held in house, where all spiritual groups can be catered for. We also have engaging visits from The Chingford Historical Society, The WI, our local fire fighters and even The Scratching Post Cat Sanctuary!

Of course! We have a lot of fun doing so and no milestone goes by uncelebrated without a beautiful homemade cake! In fact, we don’t always need a birthday or anniversary to celebrate, as we love to make an event out of the simplest occasion. These are fantastic ways of bringing happiness and laughter into our home. Residents, their families, our team members and local community thoroughly enjoy the many events we host at our home throughout the year.

We serve delicious food, and in fact, the entire eating experience is very important to us. Our meals are freshly prepared on site by a team of fantastic chefs using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Our chef and their team carefully create menus that are interesting and seasonal, catering to different preferences and dietary requirements.

Not at all. We do have set mealtimes and encourage residents to sit and eat together as it can be a great social experience. We have 3 dining rooms and a Bistro available to our residents. Sometimes a resident will invite a fellow resident into their room for afternoon tea and we also have a lovely conservatory and decking area in the garden for alfresco dining.

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